Jack Gomme


Light Original

Timeless and practical, the LIGHT bag is the ideal urban companion. It is made from an innovative technical canvas. their lightness, durability and impermeability give the bags their unique and standout character. Each bag comes with a little zippered pouch with a tricolor.

Light Escape

Durable and waterproof, lightweight and spacious, LIGHT unisex bags are the perfect companions to brave the city and escape on weekends. Each bag comes with a small pouch with a tricolor ribbon and has an inner zippered pocket.

Light Studio

The Light collection’s flagship models are made in shiny steel and pearl colors, with a tricolor zipper closure and a black special badge, embroidered only for this line. Each bag comes with a little pouch with a tricolor ribbon.

Light Beige

The LIGHT collection's flagships models are declined in four colors with beige/blue and beige/orange stripes for a fresh, chic and casual summer look. Each bag comes with a little pouch with a tricolor ribbon.

Print Nylon

This PRINT NYLON line features a unique print inspired by the art of the French painter Alfred Manessier. The subtle hints of colors of this abstract print enhance the three styles of the line.


Made from natural coated linen with a shiny finish, the Premium line is chic and feminine with its vegetable tanned leather details, its red dye for the set of leathers, and its brass finishings. The linen is a natural and vegetal fiber that has its own genuine irregularities, proof of its authenticity.