Paul & Sophie

With backgrounds in design, fashion, modeling and plastic arts, Paul Droulers & Sophie Renier met and fell in love during the summer 1985. Sharing a common passion for Design and Visual Arts, they decided to launch their own label.
This was the birth of Jack Gomme, fictional character coming straight out of Paul & Sophie’s creative minds. Greatly inspired by the Arte Povera movement, they enjoy recycling, playing with and enhancing unusual and raw materials. To this day, love and respect for the raw materials is still at the heart of each Jack Gomme creation.
We have been renewing ourselves for each collection to create this discretely elegant companion of daily life, so pleasant to wear that you could almost forget it’s there. To this end, we work on a refined design, driven by a will of lightness and enhanced by a palette of subtle colors evolving through the seasons.
Their house, located right beside their Parisian workshop, is a true reflection of the brand’s inspirations: art, design, nature, travels and natural materials.
It’s a place full of handcrafted objects, of unique and authentic creations with a joyful touch of humor, that have been feeding Paul & Sophie’s imagination for years.

Paul & Sophie

Formés en stylisme et arts plastiques, Paul Droulers et Sophie Renier unissent leur complémentarité en créant, en 1985, Jack Gomme.
La marque doit son nom à la fameuse toile Bulgomm, matière atypique utilisée pour protéger les tables qui fût détournée pour la première collection de maroquinerie lancée dans les foisonnantes années 80.
Leur maison jouxtant les Ateliers est le vivier des inspirations qui nourrissent la marque : l’art, le design, la nature, les voyages, les matières naturelles.
Un lieu empli d’objets artisanaux, des pièces uniques et authentiques avec une pointe d’humour joyeux qui nourrit l’imaginaire de Jack Gomme au quotidien.
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