Jack Gomme



Lightness and modernity define this new collection between plays of materials and - sometimes solar, always balanced - color tones.

The LIGHT line boosts its ultra light coated fabric with the infrared NOVA and the bright SUN colors, for a graphic and singular summer style. LIGHT BEIGE for its part, reveals its TAN shade to sublimate the golden skins. The MARIN line, as a chic and discreet reference to our Made in France label, invites you to beach holidays.

CAPSULE catches the sunlight with its polished-metal platinum leather, and welcomes ONDE, a small folk-culture inspired belt pouch. Finally, the CALM tote, faithfull to its Italian nappa leather and notched finitions, plays the Malevic with its geometric pocket.

To discover the Lookbook Spring Summer 2017, click HERE.

Here is the making-of video by Laurent Kalfala: