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Murmuri, an exhibition by Eve Ariza

Recently visited by Paul & Sophie, we warmly recommend the exhibition Murmuri by French-Spanish artist Eve Ariza, at LAVITRINE in Limoges, France.

More about the work of the artist:

Channeling the tradition of the art of clay, the Andorran artist Eve Ariza works to multiply the bowl as containing truth and placidity.

The ceramic bowl appears as the first form modeled by man with intent. It voluntarily interacts each base to reveal a mouth-shaped shape, thus transforming its essence and leaving aside its conventional use. The enormous process of time-consuming clay practice here becomes an act of soothing rebellion.

Listen and surrender to the material that dictates, in a way, the rhythm of life of the artist.

For this exhibition she reconstructs the monumental composition called "Murmuri" created for the 57th Venice Biennale 2017, while she represented the Principality of Andorra.

MURMURI, an exhibition by Eve ARIZA, from May 4th to July 21st 2018 at LAVITRINE.

Jack Gomme in French Maxi magazine

This month in French Maxi magazine: the return of a star of the 1990s: the bumbag! This time in a chic and timeless version, in italian calf leather and vegetable tanned natural leather details. Belt pouch ONDE.


Jack Gomme on Grace in Paris

Richt now on Grace in Paris, webzine for Americans traveling in Paris, a lovely article about our brand Jack Gomme ! Read it HERE.

Jack Gomme at the Villa Noailles shop

While at the amazing Festival de la Mode et de la Photographie de Hyères, we made a little detour to the wonderful boutique of the Villa Noailles, where we found our small bags NICO & SOIR and our XL summer tote bag CALA!

Nomadic objects in our Jardin du Luxembourg boutique in Paris

This is the time of long weekends and late sunsets that make you want to relax in a garden, park or on a terrace. To fully enjoy this beautiful season, Sophie carefully selected some nomadic objects, both beautiful and clever, that you will find exclusively in our shop near the Jardin du Luxembourg at 16 rue de Bréa.

We love the Nychair chair (pictured above), designed in 1958 by Japanese designer Takeshi Nii. Made from beautiful materials such as beech wood, Japanese woven fabric and stainless steel, this nomadic rocking chair has a simple and lightweight look, that folds and unfolds to your desires.

In this lamp's company you will not miss a bit of light: the USB rechargeable lamp by Weltevree.

A coton blanket by Moismont keeps you warm while gazing at a beautiful starry sky.

Lovely scents from the Jardin du Luxembourg Kerzon candle.

WALLI, our unisex weekend bag: an ideal companion for traveling light.

Rocking Chair "Nychair", Saikai - 520€ / LED lamp (rechargeable via USB), Weltevree - 95€ / Candle Jardin du Luxembourg, Kerzon - 35€ / Blanket, Moismont - 85€ / Weekend bag WALLI, Jack Gomme - 165€

Jack Gomme, 13 rue Bréa, 75006 Paris

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