Jack Gomme


With backgrounds in Design and Visual Arts, Paul Droulers and Sophie Renier chose to combine their complementary skills to create Jack Gomme in 1985.

Why Jack Gomme?

Playful and offbeat, the name also makes total sense as their first collections used rubber Bulgomme, an atypical material reminiscent of Arte Povera.

“ You have to let the beauty of the fabric speak for itself ” - Sophie Renier

In 1986, Le Festival International des Arts de la Mode de Hyères honoured their cheerful dress-bag hybrids. Then come the iconic Eiffel tower bags, the trapezoidal Cargo tote, the clever asymmetrical Kangaroo bags, all based on appropriation like so many of their signatures, and inspired by graphic design and innovative gestural expressions.  
Paul Droulers – son of Robert Droulers, an artist, painter and member of the Ecole de Paris – is the creative mind, and Sophie Renier the determined director, who manages the signature creations and boutique openings.
In 1998, Paul Droulers creates the concept and layout of their first Jack Gomme boutique, at 6 rue Montmartre, in the heart of Paris.

“ The source of inspiration of Jack Gomme? Life's simple pleasures ” - Paul Droulers

International boutiques follow: in Daikanyama, Tokyo and Motomachi, Yokohama (1999), plus a corner boutique in Tsuraya, Kumamoto (2002), and a boutique in Nolita, New York (2003).
The creative projects multiply. The Fresh tote bag, chic and ultra-functional (2001), the festive “Pol & Sof” in jacquard fabric (2002), a floral print in collaboration with New York artist Jeannie Weissglass (2005), the famous “doudoune” bags in 100% down (2007), or the seafaring theme expressed in broadcloth or stripes, always and forever acclaimed.

The LIGHT line (2006) powerfully crystallizes the DNA of the brand, and establishes itself as one of Jack Gomme’s great successes through its innovative materials, contemporary design, and ergonomics.

In 2012, the brand launches its first men’s line and the Atelier Jack Gomm collection, in full grain leather, with a chic urban spirit in a minimalist design.
Jack Gomme has also collaborated with brands and designers like Lacoste, Issey Miyake, Club Méditerranée.

“ Le matériau doit conserver sa vie naturelle lorsqu’il est transformé par la main du sculpteur… La texture doit commander le thème et la forme ” - Constantin Brancusi

In May 2013, they open a second flagship store in the very popular Marais quarter, on rue Saint-Claude. This new space picks up the creative codes and artistic influences of the brand. Paul Droulers creates a modernist and industrial atmosphere, the furniture “serviteur muet” and the stools are designed by Robert Droulers.
Numerous œuvres d’artistes organically inhabit the space, from Marc Borgers to Watts Ouattara, Thilman, Martes Bathori...