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Franck Dorat at Jack Gomme Marais

While we were pleased to present you our Winter 17-18 collection in the past few weeks, some nice projects that we kept in mind also took shape. Therefore we present with great pleasure the sculpture that is currently installed in our shop in the Marais, created by Franck Dorat, artist and friend from the Vaucluse. This work follows the red thread of the story of Jack Gomme and its creators Sophie & Paul, giving the shop of the Rue Saint-Claude an art gallery vibe, like the galleries in the neighborhood of the shop.

Jack Gomme

Jack Gomme

Who is Franck?

Allround creative, Franck Dorat had a career in cinema styling and decoration and later 3D special effects. From his drawings he invented volumes of painted iron threads full of poetry. Since 2010, his creations have allowed him to be bought by many collectors and to exhibit in different places and boutiques, such as Artazart (Paris), gallery 3me Parallèle (Paris), gallery Le Magasin de Jouets (Arles), Bazar et Garde-manger (Tokyo), M32 (Bruxelles)... and now at Jack Gomme!

NOE attends Paris Fashion Week!

We're so excited and proud that our NOE pouch attended the Elie Saab SS18 Paris Fashion show last week at the Grand Palais, thanks to @jimmyraphan :

Jack Gommeµ

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Jack Gomme

An Italian love story

"La storia d'amore" between Jack Gomme and Italy continues! We had the great pleasure to see the talented Italian actresses Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Valeria Golino wearing our tote bags MALEVIC and LIBRE tressé, while filming of Les Estivants in the south of France.
And... Action!

Jack Gomme

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Jack Gomme

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Jack Gomme travels!

Where did you take your Jack Gomme bag this summer? We loved seeing our bags travel all around the world with our stylish clients! Here are a few photos from this summer:

Jack Gomme

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Our clients this summer!

We're enjoying an Indian Summer here in Paris and love seeing our stylish customers wear pieces from our Summer collection!

Jack Gomme Summer 2017

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